Task Tracking Simplified!

With @ssignTask, you have the power to streamline your day-to-day business activities. A platform to add, update, manage, supervise, review, and track all the tasks assigned to your team for all your business ventures!

Struggling to keep a track of your team’s activities?

@ssignTask lets you manage all your team members and their tasks on a single screen dashboard with all the necessary features you need. Watch our help videos to know more about how to add tasks, track them, manage your resources, and ensure even workload.

Having trouble understanding our concept? Try for 1 month and decide for yourself!

Collaboration across various Teams!

Approve the projects, review the corrections, avoid using complicated spreadsheets, plan Project & tasks well ahead of time & keep your team updated with the upcoming workload.

Add Departments and Task Types to maintain discretion across various management levels or if you wish for transparency, @ssignTask lets you add multiple teams even to a task. Giving a single task to multiple members is made easy, just add the members to the task, and separate tasks will be added for each of them.


Responsive Interface

With @ssignTask, you and your team can add tasks, manage them, work on projects on the way and synchronize everything across all your devices!


Single Screen Dashboard

Our Dashboard gives you the status of all the business activities running in your firm at any time of the day, all on one screen and at your fingertips!


Forget about Forgetting tasks

Our in-built reminder facilitates reminder creation in your calendar which will alert you about an approaching due date, so you don’t have to worry again about important tasks or events sleeping out of your mind!


One place, not all over the place

We have designed a platform that offers you a single stop for planning and supervising all your business activities.


Crafted for your convenience

In @ssignTask, we innovate to make managing your business activities simple. With our recurring task function, assigning maintenance activities can be automated without you having to worry about adding it after every fixed time-span.


Never miss a deadline!

With our inbuilt integration with Google Calendar, you don’t have to worry about missing a task again. Just add a reminder for the task and we will ensure not to let it slip from your mind.


Simple and efficient

@ssignTask has all the essentials needed for managing and tracking your business activities, but we just made them appear simpler, unlike other Task Management tools. Add Projects, Departments, Task types, Users, even multiple business ventures on the same platform!


We innovate so you can grow

We understand that our clients can have rapidly growing businesses and so we have added the feature to add members within an ongoing package and streamlined the payment structure so you don’t have to get into the complexities!


Customer Support you’ll love

We have ensured that our clients get help whenever and whatever they need it for. Visit our Help page in case you need any kind of assistance and feel free to reach out if you still have questions!

Pricing plan

Choose the right plan for you.

Depending on the number of users in your platform, we will calculate the price payable by you to activate the desired package!

30 Day Free Trial

  • All features of @ssignTask are accessible

  • No card required, cancel anytime!

Pro User

Pricing is on per month basis Billed quarterly.
  • Upto 3 Users Free*

  • Upto 10 Users INR 200

  • 10+ Users INR 150

*Renewal must be done as per the expiry date of the package

Enterprise User

Pricing is on per month basis Billed annually.
  • Upto 3 usersFree*

  • Upto 10 Users   160 200 INR 

  • 10+ Users  120 150 INR   

*Renewal must be done as per the expiry date of the package

Need assistance? Feel free to reach out to us!


Need assistance? Feel free to reach out to us!